Composition Shingles

Composition shingles are made in 30, 40, and 50 year manufacturer warranties, and come in a huge variety of designs and colors.  We will help you pick the best fit for your property to give it the look you love. You can qualify for insurance premium discounts starting with a 40 year composition shingle.

Metal Roofing

SAFE AND SOUND! Metal roofs are some of the strongest roofs on the market. They can withstand just about anything the weather in Dallas and Fort Worth can throw at them. Metal roofs qualify you for insurance premium discounts and will usually last your house a lifetime.

Tile Roofing

There is a very unique and majestic look to a Spanish tile roof.  There are many different styles of tile that we can help you pick from. Tile roofs are not only beautiful, they are also extremely strong roofing systems that can withstand the strongest of Texas storms.  Tile roofs qualify your home or business for insurance premium discounts.

Commercial Roofing

When it comes to your place of business, the last thing you need is a roof leak.  Given the nature of flat or low pitch commercial buildings, water can easily pool on the roof and find a way into your structure.  This is why commercial roofing requires a great amount of detail and attention.  We use only the finest products for these roofs and give you the best warranties in the business that include yearly inspections free of charge, to put your mind at ease. We can customize any project to the different needs of each property.  Call us for a free inspection.